Digital Frames

Digital photo frames are no longer an item from a sci-fi movie, or reserved exclusively for the homes of the rich and famous.  Over the last few years digital frames have become much more affordable, they have also become much slimmer and have a much crisper image.

Digital Picture Frames are a truly wonderful way to display your treasured photos around your home and office.

With most high street shops now selling a wide range of digital frames, the hardest part of choosing one is picking from such a great selection.

Frame / Screen Size

There are now a wide range of digital frame sizes with most shops selling them from as small as 7” and up to as big as 19”.  Make sure when buying your digital frame you spend time having a good look at it, one that’s nice and slim and looks like a real frame is going to much more aesthetically pleasing than one that looks like small chunky computer monitor.

Frame finish

Digital frames come in a wide range of finishes ranging from the standard aluminum finish to a funky modern glossy plastic finish.  It’s now even possible to get digital photo frames in a nice range of wooden finishes.


If you thought that a digital photo frame is simply there to display your digital photos, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Digital frames can also play slide shows of your photos.  It doesn’t stop there; some frames come with clocks, calendars, radios and remote controls, while others have the ability to play movies and mp3s on them.

Using your digital frame

Even if you’re not very good with technology, using the basic functions on a digital frame is easy.  All you need to do is take the memory card with all of your photos on it and insert it into the frame and away you go.  Some of the frames will have built in memory so you can copy of your images whereas with others you will need to leave a memory card in.

Digital frames as presents

Digital frames are a nice touch to every home, however they also make amazing presents, especially when given to friends and family on birthdays, at Christmas or even as weddings presents.  If you want to make your digital frame photo even more personal then why not preload it with lots of great photos.

Digital frames for business

Digital frames are not just for personal use either; you can use them as point of sale displays with photos and videos about the products or services on display.  They can be branded up and then used as corporate gifts for your customers (if it’s good enough for Google its good enough for us) or as a thank you gift to your team for doing a great job.

Go Shopping!

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